Education is the key

I think it’s time to go back to school. I know CoatiMom wants to learn more about photography. I think i will go with her, since I am the only CoatiKid smart enough to learn to read. Trust me, the other Coatikids will never be as smart as me! I also know if people learned more about the wildlife around them they would stop hurting them. Sometimes it’s an accident done by people who loved animals too much and don’t really know how to do whats best for them. Sometimes is just mean people. Either way education is very important.

I am not pleased, just beautiful….

It’s been a trying week and quiet frankly, I am mifted… Okay, I am trying to be understanding. However, it’s really time to wrap things up. Our house is under some construction and CoatiDaddy doesn’t trust us enough to get the run of the whole house with all the boxes of stuff everywhere. We have been confined to our cages or our room for a week. I did get a bath yesterday and CoatiMom sprinkled some smell good stuff on me cuz she says I am stinky. ( I think she just doesn’t like my taste in perfume) Aren’t I just perfect in every way? We did get a vistor tonight and it was fun. The funny man that loved to play with me and Clyde when we were babies came for a visit so at least that was entertaining. Humans are such amusing creatures. I will be glad when Coati Mom and Dad finish building our very own special house! A girl needs her space and that Raven better not be a closet hog……

Where is my Crown!

Don’t all beauty Queens get Crowns? I think mine should be made of Peppermints…….It has been a most trying day and I deserve that crown. CoatiMom was feeling under the weather and Clyde was very quick to get us both in trouble…. So, after our Sunday brunch and some play time we spent most of the day in our room…What am I going to do with Clyde! He is never going to learn not to break and spill things. He is such a little mess maker.. What’s a Diva like me supposed to do now…..

Welcome to my Boudoir

My name is Bonnie and I am the queen of all Coatis. I am the matriarch in this manor. Clyde is my brother. We have been together our whole lives. Clyde is very loyal to me, but somewhat of a food hog. However, I keep him in line. Then along came Lucky. He is a brat. I am quick to keep him in line. Lucky knows who is boss. Then there is Raven. She is not to be trusted either. I have heard rumors she is trying to take over my throne. Do keep on eye out for me, won’t you? Anyone can plainly see I am the most beautiful, talented and intelligent of the bunch. I am also Daddy’s girl. It’s good to be the favorite!