A little to the left!

OH yeah baby! Just a little to the left, now down abit…oh yeah up jusssstttttin inch! Oh that’s the spot! Oh it’s so good to be me, my human pets keep me so entertained….Last time I blogged I had just gotten here. I am sooo happy, and so spoiled! That’s me and Coati Daddy in the pic above. I lost my extra weight and I feel good. Getting lots of exercise too, you should see CoatiMom try and chase me out of the kitchen, see hates it when I help myself to snacks ( healthy ones of course)…Coati Daddy that’s another story, if it’s just him and I, he lets me get away with anything. He is really the best at giving massages and belly scratches ( my favorite). Yep you can say I have become the new favorite Coati in this cottage….

Chubby Buddies!

Howdy yall, my name is Boots and I am the new cowboy or should I say coatiboy in this Coati Ranch! Coatimom as really taken to me, ( I think I’m her new favorite). Some may say I’m fat, but I say stout. Sooooo I weighted 36 lbs when I first got here…Coatimom as another big boy hangin around here too. His name is Lucky, but I guess you all know him if you read this crazy blog thing. Lucky as become my bud. Us big boys gotta stick together ya know. It’s been about 4 months since I got here. Sorry it’s taken so long for me to learn about computers and start blogging but here goes nothin. Since my arrival at my new forever home, Coatimom as put both of us on a special diet. No more bread and sugary treats for us and more exercise, Yesh!. I didn’t cotton to that at first, but I’m really feeling better since I lost about 7lbs. I don’t think my partner Lucky did as well. That boy eats a ton of food! Well, I won’t make yer eyes tired..that’s all for now folks..