CoatiDaddy’s big surprise

Oh yes, I had the best surprise ever for my Daddy on Valentines day. It took some planning and alot of help from CoatiMom and all the rest of the family. We sure did surprise CoatiDaddy on Valentines day!! I really wanted to do something special for my CoatiDaddy because of all the stuff he is building for us and of course I am his favorite Daddy’s little girl. I have been secretly talking to everybody and taking up collections. With my charm and personality I even got the snakes to join in and they never want to have anything to do with anybody.(I think they are just bitter because CoatiDaddy keeps those two in locked cages behind glass)…..Anyhow, With my expert organizational skills and planning this is what we did. CoatiMom went to the store for us (since they won’t let me drive a car or go into grocery stores and that’s just silly because everyone knows Coatis are just fine picking out our own food and we could probably drive better than some humans, but that’s a story for another blog) We gave CoatiMom a list, I got my Daddy a heart shaped box of Chocolates (because I love him). Clyde got him a box of Skittles (because he is so silly, I told him Chocolates but he doesn’t listen to anybody)Lucky got him Hersey Kisses because he is always such a kissy face and that it one of his favorite things to do (CoatiMom taught him that, I always see those two kissing…Geesh get a room, ya know?). Raven, that stuck up Queen wannabe, got him Red Hots because she thinks she is so Hot! (that is a matter of opinion and certainly not mine, I will always be the favorite and the prettiest)…………………………….
Saving the best for last, we all chipped in and bought CoatiDaddy a marshmallow machine. After we get our new Coati Cottage finished and move in, he can send us marshmallows from thirty feet away! Less work for him means he can give us twice the marshmallows, WIN WIN!……………………………………………..
The others got him stuff too. That new little white pup Thorn got him some white tootsie rolls, because he is the only white furry critter in the house. Sable, the big black dog, got him his favorite Dove milk chocolates (show off German Shepherds are all alike). CoatiDaddy calls Jack the big yellow dog his LionBear because Jack is so hairy and fluffy (I think it’s the Great Pyrenees Mixed with Chow that makes him look that way, well that and he is a 110 pound moose). Anyway, back on track, Jack got him a box of sweethearts that roar like a lion when you press the button! LOL The tortoises all chipped in and got him one box of turtles (11 tortoises and one gift? cheap cheap cheap). Of course what else, but honestly I think they lack creativity and they where too cheap to each spring for gifts. They are like that you know. Tortoises are so cheap they carry around their own mobile homes that are so small there is only enough room for them. No visitors…I mean really what’s up with that? I guess they are okay, although sometimes I do wonder why CoatiMom keeps coati food as pets. She even keeps their enclosures locked so we can’t try to snack on them. I did hear a rumor that they are getting their own tortoise barn and it’s under construction too. Those snakes, Diablo and Morte, each got him Killer and Venom energy drinks and lotto tickets because what else would snakes want to share but some killer venom and the lotto tickets because CoatiDaddy takes chances by having them…………….
All and all it was a fun night!

One thought on “CoatiDaddy’s big surprise”

  1. I love you all. You’re the best kids I could ever wish for!

    Be sure an thank Coatimom too. I know she must have helped a bit. 😉

  2. I love you all. You’re the best kids I could ever wish for!

    Be sure an thank Coatimom too. I know she must have helped a bit. 😉

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