Where is my Crown!

Don’t all beauty Queens get Crowns? I think mine should be made of Peppermints…….It has been a most trying day and I deserve that crown. CoatiMom was feeling under the weather and Clyde was very quick to get us both in trouble…. So, after our Sunday brunch and some play time we spent most of the day in our room…What am I going to do with Clyde! He is never going to learn not to break and spill things. He is such a little mess maker.. What’s a Diva like me supposed to do now…..

One thought on “Where is my Crown!”

  1. Now Wait just a minute Sista…..You may be head Diva around here but when CoatiMom’s Back was turned it was you that dumped over the container of superworms and made CoatiMom chase them down…O.K. maybe it was me that tore open the twelve pack of sodas and rolled them all over and jumped in the clean towels and dragged them all over the floor..BUT it was also you that stole the dish soap and ran behind the sofa…and lets not forget when Coatimom went to pick me up, you ran behind her and dumped the worms again, you didn’t think I saw that but I did…..So Don’t be blamin it all on me….

    I still love you,

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