Lesson one in Clydes Boot Camp!!

Boy Did I get that ole Lucky, He thinks he gets anything and can do anything. I had to wait for the right time….*Snicker Snicker Snicker* hehehehe! I told him I would bite him in the butt and I did. Honestly That boy is so spoiled. Give me a ONE month and I’d put that boy throught Clyde’s Boot camp. Whip him into shape! Well, he got lesson One early HA HA HA HA!

It’s raining..it’s snowing….

It’s raining..It’s snowing either way we ain’t a goinnnnnnnng……..All warm in blankets and snuggles with treat bars ….you can forget about us getting out..Later Coati Mom will give us run of the house and I will bite Lucky on the butt just for ruining our morning play time..Mister I need to go outside, Yeah bud, I got my eyes on you!…One day CoatiMom will see Bonnie and I are the good ones…but, for today my chompers have a date with Lucky’s backside..hehehehe!!!

Time to clean up

Well I guess we really made a mess yesterday. I talked to Bonnie and she agree that we should help clean up. CoatiMom is still sick so it’s time for us Coatikids to pitch in..especially since we made the mess in the first place.

I helped with the dishes and Bonnie worked on the Laundry and vacumed..Who knew Bonnie could do domestic work, I am proud of her for pitching in. I really love my sister….Maybe CoatiMom will let us have some of those superworms for a treat today, they are really good you should try one……Back to work, much to do.

Hey Ya! Welcome to my workshop! Ready to get busy?

I’m Clyde aka “Collide” as my mom says sometimes. I am always very busy. There are always places to go, peoples to meet and things to do..Busy Busy Busy..I have a rather large job discription. I am also Bonnie’s brother. It’s not always easy being the brother to a Diva Queen. Half time time she sends me on tasks that I get in trouble from. Just the other day she wanted to taste coffee (cuz mom likes it so much). It was not my fault I made a mess. The only thing I knew about making coffee was from watching Mom. Bonnie may be the pretty one, but I am the smart one. If I get bored my mind doesn’t like it, so I am always on a mission. I do like everyone and like to play coati games with Lucky but he is kinda lazy (I’m also afraid he is going to sit on me. He’s kinda tubby… no offense dude). The new chick, Raven..Man she is one hot mama!!! Just check out that jet black hair on her! She’s a real looker. (I think she makes Bonnie jealous. Heheheh) I even like the big black wolf that lives here. We play a lot too. I think I am mom’s favorite. Mom understands me like no one else. Anyway, back to work I am too busy to write more……..