Merry Christmas to me! ( and you too)

What a way to start this Coati Christmas day! Scrambled eggs and pears for breakfast Yummy!!! Then some special playtime with CoatiMom, (she loves me the most, because I am the favorite!) CoatiMom and Dad had a very special present for me..Kong toys! I like to chew on them and search the special little pockets in them for treats. I liked my present so much that I ran behind the couch and came out with CoatiMom’s missing glasses. Was she ever happy with me. I knew where Clyde hid them…I really didn’t want to fight all that mall traffic, so this was my present to CoatiMom and CoatiDad too, because now he doesn’t have to buy her new glasses!
Happy Holidays to all!!!

Oh no no no no nose!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hate coatimom!!!!!! She totally tricked me…I thought she was being nice and bringing me inside for one of our sleep overs and she totally put me in the car and took my to see Auntie Doc Cat! Sometimes I like my Auntie Doc Cat and sometimes she is mean to me and sticks me with pointy things (about once a year)!!! Coatimom says it’s for my own good because it will keep me from catching diseases but I really just don’t get it..or should I say I do get it and I don’t like it one ouchie bit! I think all us coatikids should go on strike..No more shots ever! I am telling you it’s a plot the humans do to keep us under control but us coatikids are smarter than you think and we are on to this whole shot thing..O.K. so I got lots of treats afterwards and I still get to have my sleep over inside tonight but I am gonna be a real stinker just to show you I don’t approve of this ouchie needle stickin thing….( do you think I am strong enough to knock this mixer on the ground, I bet it will make a large sound..hehehehehe!)

It’a tortoise TV

WoW look what Coatimom did for us. We have lots of toys and fun stuff and plenty of visits from Coatimom and Dad but, this is pretty cool. CoatiMom knew we are curious. She put in some live entertainment for us. I don’t understand why the tortoises can’t come over for lunch *winks*. She put them just out of our reach darn it! Apparently there is a new man in the tortoise ranch and he gets a pen to himself. Not even sure why she bothers with those silly shelled cows,Coatis are much better pets!

I have something to say…….

The time has come for me to respectfully decline my term as matriarch of Coati Cottage. In my place please join me in nominating Honey. Honey will be a fine leader. Honey knows how to keep Clyde in line. She is sweet and kind to Lucky and my best friend. Oh she also keeps Bonnie from bossing everybody else around. I know she won’t let Clyde get away with hogging all the eggs, chicken meat and other good stuff out of everybody’s meals like Bonnie does….I also want to say that just because I don’t want to be the boss of everybody does not mean I am not the favorite Coatikid because I am……….
P.S. I am also still the prettiest

The Great Treat Hunt

Where oh where did CoatiMom hide the treats????? I know she has them, she has lots of them. Fruit bars, peanuts, marshmallows and all for me. All because I am the favorite (do tell the others, they never believe me)! Heeeeeere…. treatie treats, come to Raven……I searched and searched and all I found was Clyde’s stupid duck..
Do you know where CoatiMom keeps the treats?

My Besty Beastie Buddy!!

Honey Likes me Best!!!! Yeah, I now have my own special best friend. I can honestly say Honey and I hit it off right away. That Bonnie is soooooo jealous. That’s just her tuff luck. Honey is my new B.F.F. CoatiMom knows how much we like each other and let me have a sleep over with Honey last night. That girl is so Cool. She is very smart, funny and great to spend the night with ( she doesn’t snore or hog the covers and push on me in the middle of the night like big boy Lucky does). Sleeping with Lucky is like sleeping with a manatee. Honey is smart enough to be friends with me over Bonnie. Everyone knows, one day I will be the new Coati Queen. I think Lucky has a crush on her too. That part does surprise me because I thought Lucky only had eyes for me. For the sake of my new BFF relationship, I will let that go. I am so glad Honey came to live with us, she is very special.

Team Work

Big Boy Lucky and I have decided to work together. The New Coati Cottage is almost finished and a chain of command will be in order. This is how it’s going to work, so listen up Bonnie and Clyde!……..I am the brains and my boy Lucky is the muscle. You don’t want to tangle with him. I have been teaching him defense tactics (he will sit on your head) and we will now be the decisions makers and YOU will be the worker bees. We will now be getting our fair share of the treats, fruits,eggs and meats. Clyde will no longer hog it all. Bonnie, you will stop bossing everyone so enjoy your the rain of dominance in the big house because I will be the new Coati Cottage Queen!!!!!This was a self appointed and approved position and since I am the Coati Cottage Queen I elected me……..(after all I am the favorite one)

Tattletail, I’m coming for You…….

I am getting very tired of hearing how special and how much Lucky is CoatiMom’s favorite…..Especially when everyone knows I am the family favorite. Lucky just needs to stop with the tattling..not going to take much more. Lucky was just as guilty in the bathroom capers… If he doesn’t take this warning, I will pack my toys and move in with Bonnie and Clyde. I think it’s getting time I take my rightful place as Monarch of the Coati Manor!

There comes a time when all little coatis need to get off the porch and play with the big dogs!

Things are going to get pretty interesting around here. Coati Mom and Dad decided to get another pup…….There is this big white thing in our house now, I say big but it’s really smaller than tubby boy Lucky. I am not sure what to think about it……Animals are supposed to be dark colored and this thing has no color….Honestly it looks like that stuff humans call snow….Snow is cold and I don’t like snow. It will take us all some time to figure out if this white thing Coati Mom calls Thorn is going to be friendly. Clyde is working on it and has made some attemps to play with it so, we will see what happens.