Ransom Note Indeed!!!

My My My, what busy little stinkers they have been….They do speak the truth and will not let us have freedom until their treat demands are met..It’s just not enough that they get a premium dry food staple everyday in addition to fresh poultry,eggs,fruits,veggies, cereals and nuts but, they want treats. I will only allow them one treat a day since their normal food is full of fresh foods in addition to their dry dog food. Your are welcomed and encouraged to send them all the virtual treats and back scratches you wish. To send a virtual treat reply to any post made by your favorite Coati Kid and post a reply of what treat you would like them to have, back scratches, peppermints, fruit..ect…. However should you choose to send a real treat to one of my little stinkers they will be most grateful. In exchange for your gift, I will personally see that the coati sends you a gift too! A 4×6 photograph of themselves and Thanks you by the name provided on your paypal gift to his blog page.
A paypal link will go up soon and you may send them a food treat for a gift of $2.00 (two). There will be a space provided in the notes section on the paypal link for you to tell me your name and the name of which coati you would like to get your treat, please also include a return address so that we will know where to ship your photograph. You are also welcome to send that information separately to coatimom@coatikids.com
If your human babies have all grown up, we are always in need of old children’s toys. Old fashioned Busy boards without batteries and baby safe stuff animals (no plastic eyes). If your child has out grown their toys and would like to donate them to us send me an email, coatimom@coatikids.com

The Treat Demanding Ransom Note

This is Lucky I have been authorized by Bonnie, Clyde and Raven to speak for us all. (that’s me giving you the evil eye..be a scared) We demand the following treats or else…………We have blogs and know how to use them………………….We are smart and can take over all of Mommie and Daddy’s computers and run the house! Then we will move to the next house..and then the next…until we rule all of the world. If you don’t want to see that happen..SEND TREATS!!! Just click on any post and leave treats or talk to Coati Mom…… Hurry I’m hungry..aaa I mean the gang demands it seeee……….

1. Marshmellows

2. Peppermints

3. Cereal Bars

4. Dog bones

5. Fresh nuts

6. grapes and other fruits

7. Toys..lots of baby toys, then more toys

8. Unlimited back scratches, pats and rub downs