New Coati Kids Cottage in the making..

I am pretty excited about our babies getting a new house. I am also pretty sad about it too. The Coatikids will be only a few steps from by back porch. It will seem so strange not to share living quarters with them. I know they will be much happier. They will not have to sleep in cages or be put up in cages if we leave the house. My Coatikids will have their own indoor bedrooms with built in cushy sky beds, play and climbing areas, indoor plumbing and heat. They will also have a huge outdoor enclosures to climb and play in. No more changing smelly puppy pads!!!! They will have concrete floors with drains in them to wash everyday. The contractors started a few days ago and have made pretty good timing. They should be finished with the basic construction next week sometime. Then we will finish it up by adding the outdoor fence wires, painting and sealing the cement. Next comes the fun part building the coati furniture. It will be nice to be able to bring them inside one by one for visits and even more fun will be hanging out in the enclosure with them. The ceiling will be close to ten feet tall! Oh and one of the best features will be a mud free swimming pool for summer times……Here’s a few of the construction pics.