New Coatikid on the block!

Ok so it’s not a block, it’s our home and our Blog, but the title sounded good and I am probably telling on my age.
It’s with great pride..I would like to introduce our newest Coatikid! Meet Honey She is a female Mountain Coati, just like Bonnie and Clyde (only with a full tail Yeah!). Honey is an adoption from a loving home. Honey has been well cared for and loved. Honey quickly won the good health approval from our Coati Vet. I hope she finds our home just as loving and enjoys getting to know her new Coati brothers and sisters. I know my babies are fur kids, but to me this adoption is just has real to me as a human child adoption. With all that said, Welcome to the family Honey! I am sure she will quickly learn to use the computer and have plenty to say. Honey is very beautiful and has a wonderful personality. We are still getting to know each other but we are quickly learning she is a real snuggle bug. I see many fun times ahead at the Coati Cottage!