Honey’s adventures at the lake

Another sweet adventure for me! That Bonnie and the others are getting soooo jealous of me because I am the favorite and get to go everywhere with CoatiMom and Dad…The day started out pretty fun..I say started out fun because I got to let all my admirers get a chance to visit me and a few chosen lucky ones got to scratch my back….The water is very pretty just not so sure about the big cement pond with the water spraying up from it..That was kinda loud for me. If fact water comes from strange places that grow from the ground by the lake, I think they call them sprinklers..Why doesn’t the lake water the ground from below?…There was some yummy bug hunting going on too…. It really was a lazy day and I enjoyed just laying around and napping between bug hunting rounds. Things where going great then I started to get really tired. When I get really tired I get cranky…Actually I really wasn’t feeling well to begin with. I don’t think Coati Mom and Dad realized that but, I never want to turn down an adventure. I nipped CoatiDaddy on the nose and then on the ride home, I wanted to play with the cords attached to the computers and CoatiMom went to stop me so I got fussy at her too! That was A huge mistake…I spent the rest of my ride home in the pet carrier… 🙁