Nobody mentioned this……..

I am proud to say, tomorrow I will be the public ambassador for the Coatikids! CoatiMom and CoatiDaddy are taking me to a pet fair for children and other humans to see me. Before I can go, CoatiDaddy first gave me a bath. I hate baths, but I’m over it and I do smell nice and fresh from the baby shampoo CoatiMom used. Things where all good and I was enjoying some evening snacks. (something new called a fruit roll-up, and it was very tasty) Then he did it, Coatidaddy got this torture device out and proceeded to wrap it around me and I was not happy about that……..P.O.’ed is more like it. Well he made me wear this silly thing and I guess it’s not to bad. I really didn’t like it at first, but I got pretty good and followed CoatiDaddy especially since he tied a rope to the end of this thing and lead me around the house…After all what did he think….. I was a dog or something???….I’ll let you know how tomorrow works out, since this is my first time to do anything like this. After all, I guess these public appearances are my job has the new Matriarch of Coati Cottage….