Fa La la La La.., Tis the season to shop til ya drop….

Or at least til your shopping bags are full of treats and toys for us Coatikids. Coatimom says no “Black Fridays” for us, we go shopping when the stores are slow. I don’t really understand that, let me tell you why…I totally think we could organize a system. Bonnie is a wiz at electronics, just try and hide cell phones, cameras and other cool stuff she will find it and she moves fast. Then there is Clyde,he is a total jewel thief. Clyde luvs his gold! Silly boy licks Coati Daddy’s ring for hours (Can you say Obsession much?). Lucky, well you know he is going after the food treats (He is sucha fruit cake) and I dare anyone to try and take food from him unless of course he finds the shoe department first..HA HA HA! Raven, will totally pick up where Lucky leaves off and snag us a great assortment of Velcro strapped shoes. Now that just leaves me….I am so cute and cuddly that I can distract everybody while the others steal aaah I mean work, nooo I mean aaah shop. See, I am the really good one, I never get my paws dirty! If my plan gets vetoed by our beloved Coatimom and Daddy, you can just send us presents and treats! Make sure to send plenty of marshmallows! Oh and Candy canes tooooooo! Thank you very much