Yummies for my pretty Tummy!!

Nom Nom Nom…crunch crunch crunch! I really can’t decide what I like more. Peanuts are awesome, they are like a toy/treat all in one! I get to play with them and make big piles of shells and then scatter them all over! What fun…….

CoatiMom really rocks, she went to Mc Donald’s just to get me some chicken nuggets because Mommie Sarah was thoughtful enough to send her a list of my favorite treats…It’s good to be me!!!!

I think I am the new favorite CoatiKid because I have such good manners and CoatiMom and Dad think I am so gentle and sweet besides I am the prettiest ( Bonnie and Raven just don’t realize it yet but they will)…I know I have them all fooled cuz when they aren’t looking a find my share of trouble..I have a system before I get sneaky I just make sure Clyde is near by so he gets the blame *giggles*

Just look at my photographs, you can see how beautiful I am……