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  09:20:00 pm, by Lucky   , 59 words  
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Happy Turkey Day from the CoatiKids!

Happy Turkey Day from the CoatiKids!
I hopes you alls get your fill of turkey before someone mistakes me for their prize winning bird and chops on me..I know I'm so good looking you could just gobble me up, but you will have to do that with coati kisses and back scratches and not a knife and fork. Silly Coatimom and her funny holiday ideas..Jessshhhhh!


  10:48:00 am, by Coati Mom   , 25 words  
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HAPPY HALLOWEEN from the Coatikids!

HAPPY HALLOWEEN from the Coatikids!
HAPPY HALLOWEEN from the Coatikids!

Do you want a Coati trick or do you wanna give me Coati treat? GGGGRRRRRRRRR, this is my coati scare face, are you scared yet?


  04:26:00 pm, by Coati Mom   , 189 words  
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The Coati Rule book Lesson #3 as Per Nina

The Coati Rule book Lesson #3 as Per Nina

Hello again my little darlings, I feel it is my duty to explain what a pocket is. A pocket is a simple combination of toy and treat to a coati. Pockets are meant to be filled with either toys or treats to eat. A good pocket should not have a button or a zipper. Although it presents a small challenge it's not a deal breaker. I cannot promise that there won't be a small amount of damage should you choose zippers or buttons on your pockets. The proper pocket should be strongly stitched to it's base and have a Velcro flap. Velcro is entertaining and most likely will make your pocket reusable for a later date. It's very important to remember; once you enter our home, all pockets become property of me and my Coatikids. We will find them all and search them all. Do not let me stick my nose into an empty pocket if you know what's good for you!

Coati life lesson #3: To avoid a chomp on your backside, fill your Velcro flapped pockets with marshmallows and pudding!


Nina Bellini

Author: The Coati Rule Book




  04:44:00 pm, by Nina   , 131 words  
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The Coati Rule book: Lesson #2 as Per Nina

The Coati Rule book: Lesson #2 as Per Nina
The Coati Rule book: Lesson #2 as Per Nina

Hello Kiddies,

It's me again, your favorite and most wise coatiwoman, Nina. I wish to share some more coati wisdom upon you. For lesson number 2 lets talk about one of my favorite subjects "FOOD". As you can tell I'm no little tinkerbell, I am big beautiful coatiwoman with lots of curves. I am proud to say my fur jiggles a bit when I walk!

Coati life lesson number 2: When eating Mexican food for dinner, if you leave the leftover chips the restaurant so thoughtfully gave you with your takeout dinner on the coffee table, you make me work unnecessarily for my treats. They should be brought to me where ever I am lounging at the moment.

Thank you vey much for your cooperation.


Nina Bellini

Author, The Coati Rule Book







  04:31:00 pm, by Nina   , 329 words  
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Welcome Kiddies....

Welcome Kiddies....

Hello there my pretties.... My name is Nina. I'm one tuff old Coatibroad so let me make myself quite clear from the beginning. I'm gonna give all you young Coati whipper snappers some good plain old fashion Coati knowledge, history and stories from my memoirs. Maybe, just maybe, if you listen up close, you might learn something about us Coatikids. In fact don't consider me a Coatikid, I AM A COATIWOMAN.....I will just let you all know I am CoatiMom's favorite. I do realize she thinks she is the boss, but I am much smarter and wiser than her and the Coatikids. I guess you can say I am the chosen one of the Coati Cottage.

CoatiMom had heard stories about me from the sweet lady who adopted me from another lady that could no longer keep me...CoatiMom knew I was special so she offered to take me in for a forever home even though I am spayed and older than the others..well except maybe Boots who, by the way, is one handsome fellow.

Speaking of the other Coatikids let me just say a few words about them. Clyde is crazy, I am happy to bite that boy in the butt any chance I get..Bonnie is bossy, Honey is spoiled, Raven is stuck up, Lucky is a chubby big boy, OK Boots is one HOT and handsome fellow..He has dreamy eyes and a sexy long tail.. Every time I try to get close to the man..freakin Lucky is always in the way! I am old enough to be Lucky's mom so we are going to change a few things in his world some. I guess you could say I am the only perfect Coati regardless of what those other Coatikids think..

ENOUGH babble about beautiful me, let me give you what I promised.

Nina Bellini's Coati Life lesson number 1:

Always remember to put your shoes away when Coatis are around, if you don't we will do it for you!


  02:03:00 pm, by Coati Mom   , 97 words  
Categories: The Booty Call!!!!!!!

Bootie in a Box!

Bootie in a Box!
Hey Yall....Meet the little woman..Her name is Candy. This is us attempting to snuggle and relax while Coatimom is a buggin us with that dang ole flashy camera thingy. Yep, we are likin this box. Coatimom pretty much gives us the run of the house but there is nothin like stealin somethin out of trash and makin it your own. I know whatcha thinkin, Coatimom spent a small fortune on them fancy beds and fleecy blankets but dang. I'm a simple Coatiman, down to earth if-in ya know what I mean. Gimmie an ole box any day.

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Please Save Us! *Our Coatis, Bonnie, Clyde, Lucky, Raven, Boots and Honey are holding us Hostage. They have hijacked our computers and started their own blogs! We suspect our newest little girl Raven aka Raven Spy is the mastermind behind this hostile take over of our home. They have a list of demands. On this list is all their favorite treats. We must continue to earn our freedom or they have threatened to lock us up and rule the world! The Coati Kids have set-up their own treat store with their current list of demands. Feel free to send your favorite coati a virtual or real treat! Just click on their Treat store for details. *Disclaimer: this blog is for entertainment purposes only, please see our current list of links for educational information websites.*

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Happy Turkey Day from the CoatiKids!HAPPY HALLOWEEN from the Coatikids!
HAPPY HALLOWEEN from the Coatikids!The Coati Rule book Lesson #3 as Per Nina
The Coati Rule book: Lesson #2 as Per NinaThe Coati Rule book: Lesson #2 as Per Nina
Welcome Kiddies....Bootie in a Box!

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