The most basic Hedgehog enclosure

The most basic Hedgehog enclosure
The most basic Hedgehog enclosure

I am writing this to give new owners a guide to help prepare for your new pet hedgehog. The photograph above shows the basics for a hedgehog habitat. There are a few corners you can cut, but I would not recommend it for the well being of your hedgehog. There are many ways you can enhance your hedgehogs enclosure ( look for my next article on advanced enclosures). The largest is not the best for babies at first. I would recommend this set-up for a beginner. Once you get comfortable with your new pet. You can really go crazy and have some fun creating not only a show piece you will enjoy looking at, but a real happy home for your pet. Happy pets mean less stress. Less stress means a healthier longer life for your pet. You can purchase this set-up from me with the purchase of any baby hedgehog or have some fun, go shopping and create your own with the shopping list provided here.

1. Plastic tub (Sterlite 105 QT. works great)

2. Pee pads (23"x 36" Dri-bed underpads fit perfectly in the Sterlite 105 QT. tubs)You can also use Aspen wood shavings if necessary for substrate or for litter box training your hedgehog.

3. Hide Box ( one per hedgehog,however we do not recommend more than one hedgehog per enclosure unless you purchase two baby sisters. Hide boxes like the one shown can be purchased at most pet stores)

4. Fleece blanket squares ( most cloth stores will have many colors or patterns, get a few yards cut some for liners and some for cover up blankets to snuggle with in the hide box)

5. Wheel ( must have solid spinning base to avoid injury to hedgehog, NO WIRE RODENT WHEELS)

6. Toys ( solid balls are an excellent choice, you don't want things your hedgehog can get it's little feet caught in or use for a ladder to roam loose in your home at night)

7. Food and water bowls ( this should be a no brainer for any pet owner all pets need them, Tip***you will get less spillage by using a heavy bottom bowl and not to tall remember hedgehogs have little legs)

8. Temperature gauge for the room, if your room is kept colder than mid 70's, we recommend you put an addition heat source and monitor the enclosure. Reptile under tank heating pads work well, be very careful not to overheat your hedgehog and make sure you do not place any heat source near something that can catch fire. Please call your local fire dept. for instructions on how not to burn your house down.  Monitor your enclosures temperature.

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