Dueling Roosters = Chicken Dinner

Boy Howdy! Last night we had a rain storm come through that really kept me up. I was dry and snug as a slug in my comfy coati cottage but the sound of that wind was scary. Just look at our house… What a mess.. My toys are everywhere! Anyhow, bright and early…. CoatiMom’s two new roosters Butch and Sundance decided to do a dueling rooster crow show right by my door….GGGrrrrrrr! Chop Chop. (that is the sound of my chompers ready for action, if only I could) Alright so I wouldn’t hurt a fly. WHY I ask you, WHY do we need roosters? I only like the kind of chicken that makes eggs, now those are good ones! And do I really have to have an alarm clock 7 days a week! I leave all the work stuff to Clyde. I don’t like to get busy. I like naps, back scratches, and treats…Speaking of treats, anyone got some extra treats in your pockets? Any ole marshmallow will due……They are my favorite, HINT… HINT….

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