I’m looking for it……..

That’s right, I’m looking for it. It’s true I do not know what “it” is… but when I find it I will know it. Everyday I must search the house, if I didn’t find it yesterday I might find it today. If not there is always tomorrow……Not sure why CoatiMom got so mad at us yesterday. She put us in our cages! I am really not used to that at all. CoatiMom left the door to her bedroom open so I thought it was OK to go inside. Then the other door was open to her private bathroom (she makes us Coatikids use the one in the hall) I wasn’t doing anything, just looking at the shiny stuff in the tub. It was Raven that made the mess!!!!!!!!…She went wild and found the door to CoatiMoms closet, jumped on the top rack and pushed everything on the floor, and then came into the bathroom and cleared all the counters. Not sure what all those glass things on the windowsill “”were”” but they made pretty little pieces of shiny stuff on the bottom of the tub. Never did find the perfume (thats all I was sniffing around for at the moment) That Raven is going to get us all in big time trouble. That little girl is getting some attitude lately. Why can’t all the Coatikids be sweet and cute like me! Did I mention I am CoatiMom’s favortie *winks*