It’s a free for all!!!

It’s a wild time in the House of Coatikids tonight! CoatiMom let us all out in the house together for some quality playtime since it’s to cold to play outside. CoatiMom says if it’s to cold my tail might fall off……so we are all inside for the winter it looks like. We sure did have some fun, we all pounced on CoatiMom’s head *snickers*, it’s much better to play on CoatiMom than anywhere else…. Of course, Bonnie Spent most of her time sucking up to CoatiDaddy (he is a sucker for her, she wiggles her stupid cute little ears and he does want ever she wants). I was the best behaved one! I always am (cuz I am the favorite). Raven got in trouble…tsk tsk that girl, she just won’t stay off those blinds and has broken many of them…All in all it was a fun time. We got snacks and everything!