Welcome Kiddies….

Hello there my pretties…. My name is Nina. I’m one tuff old Coatibroad so let me make myself quite clear from the beginning. I’m gonna give all you young Coati whipper snappers some good plain old fashion Coati knowledge, history and stories from my memoirs. Maybe, just maybe, if you listen up close, you might learn something about us Coatikids. In fact don’t consider me a Coatikid, I AM A COATIWOMAN…..I will just let you all know I am CoatiMom’s favorite. I do realize she thinks she is the boss, but I am much smarter and wiser than her and the Coatikids. I guess you can say I am the chosen one of the Coati Cottage.

CoatiMom had heard stories about me from the sweet lady who adopted me from another lady that could no longer keep me…CoatiMom knew I was special so she offered to take me in for a forever home even though I am spayed and older than the others..well except maybe Boots who, by the way, is one handsome fellow.

Speaking of the other Coatikids let me just say a few words about them. Clyde is crazy, I am happy to bite that boy in the butt any chance I get..Bonnie is bossy, Honey is spoiled, Raven is stuck up, Lucky is a chubby big boy, OK Boots is one HOT and handsome fellow..He has dreamy eyes and a sexy long tail.. Every time I try to get close to the man..freakin Lucky is always in the way! I am old enough to be Lucky’s mom so we are going to change a few things in his world some. I guess you could say I am the only perfect Coati regardless of what those other Coatikids think..

ENOUGH babble about beautiful me, let me give you what I promised.

Nina Bellini’s Coati Life lesson number 1:




Always remember to put your shoes away when Coatis are around, if you don’t we will do it for you!