Oh no no no no nose!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hate coatimom!!!!!! She totally tricked me…I thought she was being nice and bringing me inside for one of our sleep overs and she totally put me in the car and took my to see Auntie Doc Cat! Sometimes I like my Auntie Doc Cat and sometimes she is mean to me and sticks me with pointy things (about once a year)!!! Coatimom says it’s for my own good because it will keep me from catching diseases but I really just don’t get it..or should I say I do get it and I don’t like it one ouchie bit! I think all us coatikids should go on strike..No more shots ever! I am telling you it’s a plot the humans do to keep us under control but us coatikids are smarter than you think and we are on to this whole shot thing..O.K. so I got lots of treats afterwards and I still get to have my sleep over inside tonight but I am gonna be a real stinker just to show you I don’t approve of this ouchie needle stickin thing….( do you think I am strong enough to knock this mixer on the ground, I bet it will make a large sound..hehehehehe!)