Team Work

Big Boy Lucky and I have decided to work together. The New Coati Cottage is almost finished and a chain of command will be in order. This is how it’s going to work, so listen up Bonnie and Clyde!……..I am the brains and my boy Lucky is the muscle. You don’t want to tangle with him. I have been teaching him defense tactics (he will sit on your head) and we will now be the decisions makers and YOU will be the worker bees. We will now be getting our fair share of the treats, fruits,eggs and meats. Clyde will no longer hog it all. Bonnie, you will stop bossing everyone so enjoy your the rain of dominance in the big house because I will be the new Coati Cottage Queen!!!!!This was a self appointed and approved position and since I am the Coati Cottage Queen I elected me……..(after all I am the favorite one)

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