What a night!

What an interesting night. CoatiMom got another one of her bright ideas…….She thought we might like to rotate beds and let Lucky sleep with Clyde because those two boys are always wanting to play with each other. That meant I had to sleep with Diva Bonnie. She hogged my pillow and complained all night. It’s to Hot, my foot touched hers, she wanted a drink of water…and on and on…I miss Lucky he is so warm and snuggalieeeeeee! When we fall asleep together he hugs me tight and makes me feel safe and he certainly does not toss and turn and complain all night…Coati Mom, please bring my Lucky back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3 thoughts on “What a night!”

  1. I missed you too little sister. Clyde is alot of funny to play with..You can forget trying to sleep with the little bugger!!!!!!!All he wanted to do is groom me all night long. I never realized he had that nervous habit when he sleeps. I want to go back to sleeping with you too! It looks like Bonnie and Clyde are just to hyper! When do they ever sleep…….

  2. Oh Dude! You are such a bed hog. If you hadn’t noticed your butt is getting alittle large for a hammock….just sayin..I was only trying to get you to move in a nice way so you would not lay on top of me…NO Sckwishin the little guys please! I am totally going to talk to CoatiMom about takin you on more walks…..I missed my sister Bonnie too..She knows just to right way to spoon…..I agree, CoatiMom should switch us back tonight!!

  3. Raven, please you are such a trouble maker, see what you started! Just for the record, Raven has no manners. Everyone knows when you have a guest over to offer the best accommodations to them first, not to mention first crack at the best food and drinks you have to offer. Well Raven has the manners of a toad, plain and simple….. and Boys please no fighting over me. I know you all want to get a turn at bunking with me…

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