Living with the Coatikids

My name is Jack. I am proud to say I am a Great Pyrenees (mixed) and a cerified full pedigree pound pup! I am the most loved and adored of all the family members of this house. CoatiMom often calls me the man of the house. I am old and set in my ways. This is my house! I share it with my little sister Sable (that is a topic for another blog all together) and apparently four crazy flying moneky type critters called Coatis….They irritate me sumthin awful sometimes. The nice gentleman that I am, I do love all creatures big and small, but most of all Coati Mom and CoatiDad. I have been around longer than everyone! I guess it’s up to me to teach some respect to everyone. It’s not easy living with a large family. Even thought we are all adopted and different, no matter what color, size shape or even species, we love each other.