The Coati Rule book Lesson #3 as Per Nina

Hello again my little darlings, I feel it is my duty to explain what a pocket is. A pocket is a simple combination of toy and treat to a coati. Pockets are meant to be filled with either toys or treats to eat. A good pocket should not have a button or a zipper. Although it presents a small challenge it’s not a deal breaker. I cannot promise that there won’t be a small amount of damage should you choose zippers or buttons on your pockets. The proper pocket should be strongly stitched to it’s base and have a Velcro flap. Velcro is entertaining and most likely will make your pocket reusable for a later date. It’s very important to remember; once you enter our home, all pockets become property of me and my Coatikids. We will find them all and search them all. Do not let me stick my nose into an empty pocket if you know what’s good for you!

Coati life lesson #3: To avoid a chomp on your backside, fill your Velcro flapped pockets with marshmallows and pudding!

Nina Bellini
Author: The Coati Rule Book

Bootie in a Box!

Hey Yall….Meet the little woman..Her name is Candy. This is us attempting to snuggle and relax while Coatimom is a buggin us with that dang ole flashy camera thingy. Yep, we are likin this box. Coatimom pretty much gives us the run of the house but there is nothin like stealin somethin out of trash and makin it your own. I know whatcha thinkin, Coatimom spent a small fortune on them fancy beds and fleecy blankets but dang. I’m a simple Coatiman, down to earth if-in ya know what I mean. Gimmie an ole box any day.

That Hot guy!

Yeah that’s me baby! I am one hot coatikid! Of course I am the sexiest coatikid in town and all the coatigirls want me…but that’s not what I am talkin bout this time. Whew…these Texas summers! These high ninety and triple-digit temps are yucky……Coatimom found a fun way to for us to stay cool; she freeze 2-liter soda bottles of water. What a cool toy! Oh By the way; happy 4th of July, yall! I had a blast, Coatidaddy had a BBQ and brought me some new friends to play with. It was so nice people came from all over just to see me! I am everybody’s favorite Coatikid. The others tried to be as cute as I am…but they just couldn’t keep up with my cuteyness level. It’s off the chart you know……and special thanks to my new bud, Dan, for takin my picture! ( he’s another hot guy) I don’t have thumbs that can work the camera button or I would have taken your picture for my Facebook page too.

The worlds most famous Coati?

O.K. you decide is the Character known Eugene the Jeep (who had extraordinary powers but only said “jeep”), from E.C. Segar’s comic strip “Thimble Theater” (also home of Popeye the Sailor)a real space alien doggy or the creation of someones imagination based on the Coati? Eugene the Jeep first appeared in the strip March 13, 1936.
P.S. Enjoy the cartoons and let them take you back (if you anywhere near my old age) to your childhood and what Saturday morning cartoons and the previews before a feature film at the movies where really about…..
Some Fun Popeye Facts

Sweet Babies!

Sometimes I am just the luckiest girl in the world! I am babysitting four sweet baby Coatis. I absolutely love bottle feeding baby Coatis and other little critters. These four little sweeties just had their bottles and are now napping peacefully with fully bellies and happy dreams…..Milk it does a Coati good………….