CoatiMom’s Baby Book Part-3 Lucky

My darling little boy, a true snuggle bug and the most loving and caring of all the Coatikids..Lucky loves his parents and would prefer to spend all his time on CoatimMom’s lap or stealing insoles from CoatiDaddy’s shoes. Don’t let these baby pics fool you, he had his one year check-up and shots at the vets yesterday and he weighed in at almost 23lbs..He is CoatiMom’s hefty Boy now! I guess the poor little fellow has grown too heavy the bounce off the walls and make a flying monkey of himself like the other CoatiKids…..

CoatiMom’s baby Book Part -2 Raven

Sweet little Raven has grown into to such a beautiful girl, she is only 8 months old now…She was such an adorable little baby. I think she learned her sneakiness from our pet rat Snickers. I knew she would be a star for the camera when she made a bed out of my camera bag…Her older brother Lucky quickly taught her how to steal the insoles from CoatiDaddy’s boots. (a favorite CoatiKids pastime in our home)

Sometimes it’s just good to be me!

From time to time I get to babysit or foster care for other coatis. It’s always a joy having a new baby in the house. Coati Daddy loves it because I can have all the baby coatis I want without the expense of long term. If it where up to me I would buy a million acres and run my own Zoo! Here’s a few pics of some of the beautiful babies that have had a sleep over with The Coatikids…..

A Spring day in December?

What a beautiful weather day, sunny and warm. It it a perfect day for all the CoatiKids to play outside. I put Bonnie and Clyde and sweet little Raven in the outdoor pen. Next I opened the door and let big boy Lucky loose in the back yard. He loves to roam for food. Our little foster child Sneakers had a fit! All alone and not having any of that, she dashed out the back door and down the stairs to the coati play pen to join the others. I was surprised at her boldness but she is much too little to be loose and to my surprises too big to fit thru the bars. I scooped her up and put her in the inside playroom until I could fix a nice big brunch for them all. I made them a bucket full of grapes, paypaya,cereal, mixed veggies, carrot sticks, peanuts, 5 scrammbled eggs and assorted dog bones and a scoop of their regular food. A Coati Feast ! My babies have been stuck inside for a bad weather week, so I let them make a mess and enjoy themselves. I got mugged by Lucky on the way to the pen with the food bucket and he quickly jumped inside the pen to get his share. While everyone was busy chowing down, I decided to let little Sneakers into the outside pen. So far so good, everyone is munching and playing and having fun in the sun.

Meet the Coati Mom

Hi and Welcome to our little family blog. We are just having some fun and enjoying our life together. My Coatis bring me so much joy that I wanted to share some of it with the rest of the world. I get asked one question alot, How did I ever get into keeping coatis? The answer is one of those do as I say not as I do answers. I knew what coatis were, our vet breeds them. to make a long story short, I went with Coati Daddy to met one of his associates from work and he was also a coati breeder. He was showing off some babies and the next thing we knew we where leaving with little Bonnie and Clyde. Unprepared (very bad thing to do) we took them straight to our vets. We quickly followed all her instructions and she fixed us up with baby bottles, tail bandages (they had tail injuries reasons unclear) and started the correct shots, neutering and such. Luckily they were so small that they could live in a dog crate until we built and bought better habitats for them. 8 months later along came Clyde (purchased from our vet) then 6 months after that Raven was born(we had been put on a waiting list). After enjoying the company Bonnie and Clyde ( Mountain coatis), we knew we also wanted a pair of Whitenosed Coatis. 2 years later we are all as happy as we can be. From time to time, I get to foster care for our vets babies so I get to continue raise babies which I just love doing. I am not an official coati rescuer but, I will help an abandoned coati in need in addition to volunteer wildlife rescue work. It’s always an interesting day in our house!

Ransom Note Indeed!!!

My My My, what busy little stinkers they have been….They do speak the truth and will not let us have freedom until their treat demands are met..It’s just not enough that they get a premium dry food staple everyday in addition to fresh poultry,eggs,fruits,veggies, cereals and nuts but, they want treats. I will only allow them one treat a day since their normal food is full of fresh foods in addition to their dry dog food. Your are welcomed and encouraged to send them all the virtual treats and back scratches you wish. To send a virtual treat reply to any post made by your favorite Coati Kid and post a reply of what treat you would like them to have, back scratches, peppermints, fruit..ect…. However should you choose to send a real treat to one of my little stinkers they will be most grateful. In exchange for your gift, I will personally see that the coati sends you a gift too! A 4×6 photograph of themselves and Thanks you by the name provided on your paypal gift to his blog page.
A paypal link will go up soon and you may send them a food treat for a gift of $2.00 (two). There will be a space provided in the notes section on the paypal link for you to tell me your name and the name of which coati you would like to get your treat, please also include a return address so that we will know where to ship your photograph. You are also welcome to send that information separately to
If your human babies have all grown up, we are always in need of old children’s toys. Old fashioned Busy boards without batteries and baby safe stuff animals (no plastic eyes). If your child has out grown their toys and would like to donate them to us send me an email,