That Hot guy!

Yeah that’s me baby! I am one hot coatikid! Of course I am the sexiest coatikid in town and all the coatigirls want me…but that’s not what I am talkin bout this time. Whew…these Texas summers! These high ninety and triple-digit temps are yucky……Coatimom found a fun way to for us to stay cool; she freeze 2-liter soda bottles of water. What a cool toy! Oh By the way; happy 4th of July, yall! I had a blast, Coatidaddy had a BBQ and brought me some new friends to play with. It was so nice people came from all over just to see me! I am everybody’s favorite Coatikid. The others tried to be as cute as I am…but they just couldn’t keep up with my cuteyness level. It’s off the chart you know……and special thanks to my new bud, Dan, for takin my picture! ( he’s another hot guy) I don’t have thumbs that can work the camera button or I would have taken your picture for my Facebook page too.

Christmas in April

Take a look at this! CoatiMom bought meeeee new toys that comes with treats inside. I loves me some food…I love to keep busy too and this won’t be a challenge for long but I really get a kick out of takin stuff apart…I am already faster at gettin my treats than all the others. I am the smart one and of course everyone knows I am CoatiMom’s favorite of alllllll the coatikids!

What drives a Coatiman to drink?

Well it’s this frickin hot sun lately! It’s so hot! Thank goodness we have lots of trees and shade with a wonderful fan and mister, not to forget our very own swimming pool to keep us cool at home….When you are out and about there are certain things a Coatiman must do to get a drink. Of course, it was CoatiDaddy who came up with the bright idea when CoatiMom wasn’t looking! CoatiMom was miffed cuz she had to clean the automatic coati waterer afterwards….Sometimes I am not sure who gets in more trouble when we go out CoatiDaddy or us Coatikids *giggles and snickers*

A new man in town……

Sorry I’m a little behind in writing bout the other half of my trip in town…I wanted to show the peoples that didn’t get to see me, just what they missed…..Let me tell ya, I was a man on a mission. I had places to go and people to let play with me! I do like going to the lake just not near it and them strange cement ponds…Normally I’m a guy that likes a little water to play in, but those loud cement water sprayin ponds are just too much. And the worst part, they got no fish in-um! I am guy likes a little midday snack, ya know what I mean?………Anyhow, take a look at how gorgeous I am at the lake!

A shopping we will go……..

Yeah that’s right, I got to go. CoatiMom is always helping little critters that are hurt, sick or abandoned. She had to go into town to get some formula stuff for some funky new critter she helpin and her and CoatiDaddy decided to take ME, Yeah that’s right ME! Not Lucky..Not Honey..ME ME ME! Of course we all know I am the favorite (just don’t tell Lucky he will cry, he is a baby)…

We get to PetSmart in Rockwall, Texas and the place is hopping with friendly people that want to play with me. Even the store manager! He came by personally to visit with me and have his picture taken with me. I liked him, he was a friendly sort…I jumped on his shoulders, couldn’t help myself. I know when people like animals and when they don’t. Most people love me, I am an entertainer, not like that smoochie Lucky who just tries to kiss everybody or stuck up Honey, who cuddles up like a sweet girl and she is really not! Children came out, shoppers, vets, groomers all stopped us just to visit with me. I really had fun with one of the sales people, I would have done anything if he would of shared his soda with me…It was fun and I love people and Petsmart stores cuz they are so nice to me and have lots of treats..oh Heck, I could smell the sweet smell of tons of yummy for my tummy treats..I wanted so bad to munch and CoatiDaddy said no..Hee Hee Hee, CoatiMom would just follow along and buy everything I liked..Oh yeah, I picked out my very own toys and had a car full by the time we left… Thank you everybody that got to see me………..

PS Lucky eat you heart out cuz I got to go and you didn’t……………Who’s the Man now big boy!

Deconstructed Duck

It is my duty to Deconstruct not only this duck but everything. I must figure out what makes it tick…or should I say quack! I must find out now..and don’t even think about taking it away from me..I can get very miffled and deconstruct you if you try..Now I am busy, back to work…Busy Busy Busy….. A busy Coati is a happy Coati and a bored Coati is another name for a house cat! You can quote me on that..over and out!

Dang Dogs!

I can take that puppy baby Thorn, not so sure about the whole pack!!! Sable the black Doggie loves us…Whew, good thing , don’t cha know! You can bet your favorite treat I get my share of nibbles in… I can count on my coati partner in crime, Lucky to sneak up on them and munch on their back legs..
We have this all worked out, I distract them by wrestling then Big Boned Lucky (notice I didn’t call him fat, it’s all good) sneaks up on them and munches their back legs..then I jump up on the couch and pounce on their heads! CoatiMom don’t call us flying monkeys for nothin……

And that’s how to take down a doggie…..

Mr. Kissie face is at it again!

Lucky and Honey sittin in a tree, K.I.S.S.I.N.G……..first comes love………then comes marriage………Next comes Honey pushing the baby carriage!!!!!!

NOT……………of course Big Boy Lucky the manatee is neutered. LOLOLOLOL! He can dream can’t he? Just so you know, it will be me that wins the fair Honey’s heart. She will love me and Lucky the manatee is just going to have to deal with it…….I am the cutest and Honey even said so herself!!!!!!

Whatchoo talkin bout?

Dude! I guess you’re alright for a big ole white torando! I think we will have some fun play time in our future. I think even Bonnie likes you and she don’t really like anyone but CoatiDaddy. Maybe one day Lucky will come around…He brags about being the muscle man around here but he sure moves that giant behind up the nearest tall thing he can climb..(*chuckles* )when you come in the room…Hey that’s a thought! A new Puppy exercise program for Lucky….We’ll get that boy trim and fit in no time!