Another Snow Day…What’s Up With That?

Heavens to Snow Drops…It’s Frickin Texas!!! Why all the snow? We want the sun back. We are bored. It’s not wise for the coatikids to be bored…..Funny things seem to happen..esp. where Clyde is concerned. I hope the Weather Gods still listen to my warning….Things is only going to get worse and from the look of things the other Coatikids are on the war path. Bonnie and Clyde are into everything and Lucky is up to his shoe stealing tricks!!!!!!!!!Of course I am good, I just sit back and watch the craziness happen *giggles and snickers*

It’s Cold!

Ha no! I don’t think I will venture out. That Lucky is stupid, someone needs to tell him his tail is going to fall off……CoatiMom will chase him right back into his cage and I will laugh!!!! Wait No she is coming after me now…Dang it, Lucky goes for one of his advertures and we both get put in jail…*POUT* I need treats…

What a night!

What an interesting night. CoatiMom got another one of her bright ideas…….She thought we might like to rotate beds and let Lucky sleep with Clyde because those two boys are always wanting to play with each other. That meant I had to sleep with Diva Bonnie. She hogged my pillow and complained all night. It’s to Hot, my foot touched hers, she wanted a drink of water…and on and on…I miss Lucky he is so warm and snuggalieeeeeee! When we fall asleep together he hugs me tight and makes me feel safe and he certainly does not toss and turn and complain all night…Coati Mom, please bring my Lucky back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Meet my Mommy and Daddy

Just in Case you’re wondering how I get my beautiful minky soft and dark fur, this is a picture taken of my birth parents. Of course, CoatiMom says that the only steps in our house are on the front porch. I know my real family is here with Coati Mom and Coati Daddy and all my Coati family. Seriously you should pet me! See for yourself, my fur in not like other coatis, it is minky soft…(another thing that Ole Queen Bee Bonnie is jealous about me *giggles*

No jail time for me!!!

I had the best time yesterday. Mom gave me to run of the house with our little foster girl, Sneakers. I had so much fun and mom says I was very good. I didn’t break anything or pee on the floor. Bonnie thinks she is “all that.” Well there a new girl on the block and I am here to stay!!!

Follow me to my Lair

Welcome to my place on the web. I’m Raven aka “Raven Spy.” I am quiet and fast, able to enter rooms without a sound. I can fly across the room from one place to another without any wings because I am very agile. I know everyone’s secrets. I am also very young and sweet, and I love to play with everyone. I like to think everyone likes me. I have been told how beautiful I am. I spend most of my time with Lucky but really like it when Clyde stops by to play. I used to really admire and look up to Bonnie, but she has recently been kinda mean to me and the others. I think she needs to be put in her place. Please help me keep an eye on her. I hope you enjoy our writings and stop by to read our blogs. I do plan to write alot because I am everyones favorite Coati! Thank you in advance.