That Hot guy!

Yeah that’s me baby! I am one hot coatikid! Of course I am the sexiest coatikid in town and all the coatigirls want me…but that’s not what I am talkin bout this time. Whew…these Texas summers! These high ninety and triple-digit temps are yucky……Coatimom found a fun way to for us to stay cool; she freeze 2-liter soda bottles of water. What a cool toy! Oh By the way; happy 4th of July, yall! I had a blast, Coatidaddy had a BBQ and brought me some new friends to play with. It was so nice people came from all over just to see me! I am everybody’s favorite Coatikid. The others tried to be as cute as I am…but they just couldn’t keep up with my cuteyness level. It’s off the chart you know……and special thanks to my new bud, Dan, for takin my picture! ( he’s another hot guy) I don’t have thumbs that can work the camera button or I would have taken your picture for my Facebook page too.