I feel pretty oh so pretty!

Oh Yeah! I feel pretty oh so pretty in the new outfit my CoatiMom brought me. I mean there is nothing a pretty girl likes more than a new dress. Just watch me strut my stuff down the cat walk. I had Ole Clyde just a whistlin away and I think Big boy Lucky fainted at the sight of my beauty. Ok, so this is my first dress ever and I wasn’t really sure about what the heck was going on until I realized it was a dress hehehehe….. I am so pretty and clothes do not make the coati. I don’t think CoatiDaddy thinks I need clothes but I know CoatiMom wants me to have all the things all the other coatigirls get ( Do other Coatigirls wear clothes?) and more cuz I am her favorite and Yes I am Coatidaddy’s favorite CoatiKid too…What’s not to love? Everybody loves me!