A little to the left!

OH yeah baby! Just a little to the left, now down abit…oh yeah up jusssstttttin inch! Oh that’s the spot! Oh it’s so good to be me, my human pets keep me so entertained….Last time I blogged I had just gotten here. I am sooo happy, and so spoiled! That’s me and Coati Daddy in the pic above. I lost my extra weight and I feel good. Getting lots of exercise too, you should see CoatiMom try and chase me out of the kitchen, see hates it when I help myself to snacks ( healthy ones of course)…Coati Daddy that’s another story, if it’s just him and I, he lets me get away with anything. He is really the best at giving massages and belly scratches ( my favorite). Yep you can say I have become the new favorite Coati in this cottage….